We offer solutions to small, medium and large companies. Our continuous investments in advanced equipment, certifications and innovative packaging solutions will definitely bring your company an added value, helping the customers to choose your products.

  • We guarantee the best quality of flexographic printing thanks to the best technology and attention paid to innovation
  • We automatically prepare colors and archiving formulas using specialized software
  • We use advanced technologies that allow us to produce paper bags for fresh bakery products, such as paraffin bags, which are more resistant and keep the products fresh for 72 hours because the paraffin limits the transfer of humidity.
  • We have special technologies that allow us to produce paper bags that are perfectly airtight and can withstand temperatures of -100 or +100 degrees Celsius.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment! Our company uses the "COMPY" method - our bags are 100% biodegradable. This world-renowned patent belongs to ACE PACKAGING Belgium and Romsac has been a partner since 2014. COMPY is probably the most eco-friendly bag on the market. These bags can also be paraffinized - the used paraffin is made out of palm oil. It's quite simple: a COMPY bag can be put in the flower pot and within 4 months is totally degraded and contributes to soil fertilization. The method of making this kind of product is a secret and it is certified by the European body responsible for the environment. O punga COMPY in 4 luni se dezintegreaza total!
  • We are constantly seeking to innovate and create new or niche products. The "anti-crumbs" method is a step in that direction. We have adapted this technology and made paper bags with or without the window, and soon we will have the patent for this idea.
  • Our innovation went even further by finding the perfect solution to help you keep the bag set handy and detach your bag quickly. The "Liasse" is the perfect solution for sellers who wish to be more efficient and move faster.